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Thread: Daycare Concerns

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    I know people feel differently about cosleeping. But if he continues to bottle strike and doesn't wake to nurse, loses weight, diaper output is too low, then cosleeping can help get extra feedings in there.

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    i could... i will see what happens for the rest of the week and after i get his weight checked.
    for how much he sleeps is that normal? i guess you can say i'm pretty confused on when i should wake him up and feed him. especially now that i know he's not taking that much at daycare. some people say to let baby sleep...he'll wake when he's hungry. ah. so confusing. so when i see that at 2pm his last bottle was only 1.5 oz he took in and he's knocked out cold i've been waking him up to feed when we get home usually around 5ish...he'll knock out again like i said up until 8pm/9pm...again i have to wake him up....it's a cycle.

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    He could be too distracted right now to focus on eating. I seem to remember my lo taking a few weeks to get used to his daycare and start eating more and sleeping for longer stretches. (it was several years ago)
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