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    Hello. (My first post here).
    I am a new mother and breast feeding my 8 week old little boy.
    He was 3 weeks early, and very, very calm. Hardly ever a cry.
    When he was first hungry, he simply made a fish movement with his mouth while looking up at me. His latch from the start was fantastic!
    Since we left the hospital, from time to time (and more often now) he goes through a real spaz attack before latching (which is hardly a latch anymore; more like I am a drink box: nipple tip only). He shakes his head from side to side, looks every which way, and kicks and punches, and even lets out a little scream, then, as soon as his latches, he's totally fine.
    Sometimes it lasts a while, and in the middle of the night,
    it is a real test on my nervous system, but I am more concerned about him being so upset.
    The doctor said to just make him comfortable, but I can not do more to do this than I am.
    I worry it is something else...anyone have an experience like this?

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    When he has his pre-latch meltdowns, is he already fussing/crying when you pick him up to nurse?

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    Thank you for the question. No he is not usually fussy before, but sometimes he is just a little anxious to eat, but it's mild. It starts when he is presented with my breast, and ends as soon as he latches (which his latch has slipped down to nipple only). Other times, he gets to eating just fine.

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    You know, my 2 week old is doing the same thing. He refused to eat in the hospital, so we gave him a bottle but we always start off with the breast until he gets so frustrated....and even now he is constantly hungry and I am pumping as well to ensure that he gets enough to eat.

    He also gets fussy as soon as I put him to the breast and he only latches to the nipple. Once he latches he seems to eat just fine - but he also kicks, does the side to side head motions and has a real time latching. I'm exceptionally patient, and I'm sure we will figure this out, but at the moment it is quite hard since I really want to be able to breastfeed successfully.

    I also don't think I am creating enough milk for him....when I pump I only get about 40ml between both breasts....he can put away some food so I know that is not enough for him. I have seen a lactation consultant and I intend to go back once she returns from vacation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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