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    I am wondering if any of you ladies know when it is ok for a baby to take Ibuprophen. I know it is used now just not at what age. We are having some really nasty teething issues and while it does help some the tylanol doesn't seem to cut it, and from what I am reading in a few other places moms seem to find it works better. Sorry for the run on sentence and spelling but he is currently very unhappy in my lap

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    I see that according to Dr. Sears it is safe, just would like to see what you ladies think.

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    i started giving >una ibuprofen @ 3months. thats cuz my husband couldnt find tylenol where he shopped, but it works better than tylenol. plus, i like the syrnge that comes in motrin better than the dropper in tylenol. no mess, just a quick squirt in the back of the troat and no sticky drool
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    we started using it at six months, like it more because it lasts longer in their systems. I'm pretty sure it's safe to use before that.
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