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Thread: help! goin back to work to tuff job

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    Default help! goin back to work to tuff job

    i work outside in south florida. my job consists of walking for hours and driving all day getting in and out of a truck... very hot, sweaty, and difficult.

    my concern is if that much activity will affect my milk supply (let alone the 90 degree weather!). also i have read that you have to be relaxed for the let-down to occur. will i be able to get any milk after a 2.5 hour walk in the heat? i havent started pumping yet so i have no idea how its going to go. i purchased a portable double pump. i am committed to bfing for as long as possible.

    i was orginally worried about getting my own body used to working again. now that bfing is established with my lil guy and we enjoy it sooo much, im scared that it will be too difficut to pump at work ( my job is also time sensitive so i will only have 15-20 min breaks) help!

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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    Oh my, this sounds a lot like what I'll be dealing with here in So. Florida @ the end of Aug. My job is so stressful!! Our BF is going well, but we are still working through some small issues -- over active let down, my milk supply evening out and DD becoming more relaxed during feedings. I'd love to hear what the experienced moms have to say. Great question!

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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    20 minutes should be plenty of time to pump, so don't worry about that pat. Is the pump you have electric? walking shouldn't affect your supply, but just make sure you're drinking plenty of water. That doesn't really change the amount of milk you're making, but I have noticed it making a difference in let downs. One thing that's good to help with let downs too is to watch videos of your little guy or go through pictures on your phone while pumping. The type of pump you use and the frequency of your pumping are probably the most important pieces to whether or not you'll be able to keep up with his demand for your milk.
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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    I think you'll be ok. Like Julia said, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious snacks. 20 minutes is just about the right amount of time you'd need to pump, though if you are including prep and clean up you might run a tiny bit short. One thing you can do to help that is have the pump all set up and ready to go. I assume you'll have a cooler to keep the pumped milk in? If you get one big enough to store the pump horns and bottles in you won't have to clean it all up in between. I wouldn't want them sitting out in the hot car with milk still inside, but if it's in a cooler the milk left in the pump parts will be just fine. Lots of women who work in offices don't clean in between pumping sessions, they just store the assembled parts in the fridge. That's the best advice I can give.

    If you find you're having trouble keeping up, eating oatmeal can be a great supply boost.
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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    I had a similar job before I had my first baby, and half the time I think had I had the support I have now, I'd have been able to combine working and pumping instead of quitting my job.

    Have you looked into those plug in refrigerators for your car? That would be perfect for keeping your pumped milk, your bottles and other pumping parts in, along with a nice cool drink.

    The strenous part is not going to prevent you from making milk. There are millions of women all over the world who work at physically demanding jobs and BF; most have their babies tied to them at the same time.
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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    What type of pump do you have? My Medela came with a cooler bag and ice pack so I can store my milk when I'm out. There are also car adaptors that they sell (I think at Target) so you could pump in your car if there isn't a good place otherwise. Also, I can pump my breasts to empty in 5-10 minutes, so I think 15-20 should be fine as long as your pump is working okay.
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    Default Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    Would pumping while you drive be an option?
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    thanks for the advice. i ordered a portable medela double pump, it should be here next week and then i'll have 2 more weeks before i go back to work to get comfortable with pumping. then i have to break it to my boss!

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