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Thread: Trying again after 2 months!!!

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    I had a very very rough start when my son was born. I had almost no milk for days. I pumped and pumped day and night to only get an ounce at the most and that too, only once a day. Of course my baby wasn't getting enough milk so he started screaming and crying whenever I would put him to my breast. I still did and would hold him there for as long an hour in anticipation of increased milk supply. Everything I tried failed. So, after a struggle for a month and a half I gave up. Now my son is three months old and I want to try again. I only get few drops when I squeeze my nipples. I don't get anything when I pump. My son refuses to go back on breast. I planned to increase my milk supply from those few last drops (even if its an ounce) and then try putting him. I tried fenugreek seeds, mother's milk.. pumping.. nothing is working. What should I do? Did anyone else experience this?

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    Hi Pinkett,
    Ohh Pinkett! Sounds awful. If it's any help, I know so many women who cannot get any milk at all out of a pump, but the pump still stimulates supply, so it's worth continuing. Also Milk can take 3-7 days to come in and if you're stressed it won't "Let-Down" (so hospitals expecting us to have milk at discharge is pretty wishful thinking).

    As for relactation -- it *CAN* be done. Most likely you'll need to get an IBCLC on board to see if you can identify why you had supply issues in the first place (a great place to startis the book Making More Milk). Lack of glandular tissue, hormonal imbalances, previous trauma or surgeries to the back or chest, etc. may have been causes or a poor start and would be things an IBCLC would look into with you.

    In any event, if you get an IBCLC on board (and LLL Leader or postpartum doula or Sherpa Mother for emotional support), in addition to causes, he/she can look into prescribing medications to help "kick-start" relactation.

    What's important is you, your baby and family are happy and the fact you tried and are willing to try again even despite a tough start is amazing.

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    Excellent advice from the PP. What sort of pump do you have? When you're trying to relactate, a good pump is a must. I suggest using a hospital grade rental pump with correctly sized shields- your LC can make sure you have the right size.

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    I am going to go see a Lactation Consultant. I am using Medela pump in style but I am thinking about getting a hospital grade one. I believe that is Medela symphony?? Some of the stories here I read of re lactation are awesome. Hopefully I will succeed too. Thanks for your support and wonderful advice ladies!

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