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Thread: Not pumping regularly at work anymore

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    Default Not pumping regularly at work anymore

    I won't be able to pump regularly at work now that my daughter is one. I hate the idea of supplementing with formula, but I'm not sure if morning and night nursing will be enough. Can I give her goat or cow milk or does she still need more nutrients than that during the day. Any advice?

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    at one year of age many children transition to nourishing solid foods while mom is at work. if your daughter needs milk or is not really into foods yet you might be able to give her milk you pump on the weekends or on your days off. are you able to pump first thing in the morning? cows milk or yogurt is ususally well tolerated by the time a baby is 12 months old. I have no experience with goats milk so i can't speak to that.
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    I personally gave my daughter soy milk however many babies do quite well on no substitute. I would say if you're not comfortable introducing anything else, nursing on demand when you are together should be just fine, assuming she is taking to solids well.
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    Can you not pump at work anymore or don't want to now that she's 1? I still pumped until DD was 15 months when she was comfortable enough with water. As long as she gets some yogurt or cheese everyday she doesn't need the cows milk if she's still nursing regularly at home!
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    Is she eating food at all? I pump weaned at 14 months because that's when she seemed to not need/want it anymore. She nursed PLENTY when we were together. As long as they are nursing 3-4 times/day you don't have to introduce other milks.
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    agree with other posts.

    As long as nursing on demand when with you, eating good range of solids, and drinking plenty, I don't think anything to worry about. No need for formula!
    I think i stopped pumping for nursery at 16 months when ds was not asking for milk at nursery and was happy with lots of water. We nurse a LOT when together though, inc through the night, and the first thing he wants when i pick him up from nursery twice a week is some of the good stuff!

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    We started my LO on raw goat's milk last week. It took about ~week for her tummy to adjust but now it's going well. Today is my last dday pumping at work!! YES! I chose raw goat's milk since the nutrients are very similar to breast milk.

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