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Thread: Windy/gassy baby-I'm out of ideas

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    Unhappy Windy/gassy baby-I'm out of ideas

    Please can someone help, I am running out of ideas.

    DS is 8weeks old and is full of wind and it is making him very uncomfortable and he isn’t sleeping. He is a reflux baby (but it is wind that is the problem not the reflux) and is EBF.

    I do the following:

    -give him infacol for every feed both day and night
    -Feed so his head is higher than his bum
    -Stop and wind him every 5minutes or so while feeding
    -Keep him upright after his feeds
    -I massage his tummy at least 3-4 times a day
    -Lots of tummy time when we can get it in
    -gripe water/wind drops when he won’t shift his wind
    -he will take a dummy but sometime I wonder if this makes the situation worse. But it is screaming blue murder without it.
    -Deep baths (this works well when he is upset)

    Nothing seems to help and by the end of the day he is beside himself, because what he hasn’t managed to burp out is sitting low in his tummy. I just don’t know what else I can do to help him. He is constantly farting and sometimes they are really smelly. While he isn’t constipated he only poo’s every 3 or 4 days, which I am sure isn’t helping matters.

    Does anyone have any ideas

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    Default Re: Windy/gassy baby-I'm out of ideas

    First, it sounds like you're doing a lot to try and actively manage it - that's good. Are you getting good results and he seems gassy despite being able to release some of the excess wind?

    Second, have you considered whether something in your diet might be the culprit? Dairy is the most common offender, followed by soy. That said, it might also simply be that your baby's digestive system is still immature and the problem will begin to get better with time.
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    Default Re: Windy/gassy baby-I'm out of ideas

    Is it burping that seems to cause him discomfort, or farting? If it's burping, I'm thinking that the reflux meds may need to be adjusted. Because if the burp is bringing up a lot of stomach acid... You get my drift.

    Exclusively breastfed babies almost never get constipated. Pooping every 3-4 days does not indicate constipation unless:
    - the poop is pellet-like or hard enough to roll right off the diaper
    - the baby is in real discomfort when pooping (straining, turning red, crying)
    - the poop frequency is less than 1 X per week

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    Default Re: Windy/gassy baby-I'm out of ideas

    Thanks for your replies.

    Before he started on his reflux meds he would cry and fuss on the breast. He was put on Losec and gaviscon (only until the losec kicked in). He improved rather quickly and I stopped the gaviscon after about 5 days. We had latch issues which instantly improved when the reflux meds kicked in, and that was when the gassyness started but it wasn't too bad and we could managed it.

    Then over the past week he started getting fussy again but it seemed like wind, so I started the gaviscon again to see if that helped. While it helped the fussyness at the breast, the wind has got HEAPS worse. Thinking about it, it is probaly because the gaviscon thickens the milk and it is harder for him to burp up.

    He does get upset when he burps, and he does burp well most feeds, and is realitively happpy once he gets the wind up. It is more the fact that he will wake from his naps screaming, sqirming and pumping his little legs, and he is just consolable.

    By the end of the day he is beside himself because he has all this trapped wind and he is overtired from not sleeping properly.

    I feel that I have actually lost isght of what the actual issue is. Just putting all this down makes me think it is reflux, but I just don't know. I feel that my milk is just like poision to him as he has this love/hate relationship with the breast. It is heartbreaking cause I perservered with horrendously sore nipples and we had just got them right when the meds kicked in and now I feel like we are back to square one.

    Maybe it is time for a trip back to the dr?

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    my lo has reflux as well and our ped would not give us any meds because he was gaining weight really well. it is the worst when he fusses at the breast though!!! he pulls on my as he flexes his body and he clamps down hard. our ped suggested that i try a diet that excludes foods that cause reflux and gas and slowly add these foods back in until i find the culprit. since we where not given meds i am trying to control it with my diet and i can honestly say i am glad we went this rout. i would 95% of the time i am able to control the reflux really well. i avoid dairy and caffeine. the worst part is no chocolate!! like firefly said milk and soy are huge culprits. my ped also told me that reflux and milk intolerance practically go hand in hand and even on meds if your lo has a problem with your diet your only treating the symptoms but the cause is still there. good luck and i hope your lo feels better soon!!! also i hear that reflux gets better with age and usually improves when solids are introduced so for me i cant wait till my little man eats food lol!!

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    check out this link


    someone recommended this massage for colic babies... my baby isnt colic but does have gas that hurts him pretty badly. i havent tried it out yet but it sounds promising....

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