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Thread: Breastfeed @ 2 weeks old and not gaining much weight

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    Default Breastfeed @ 2 weeks old and not gaining much weight

    My little boy is 2 weeks old today and he had his second doctor’s appointment. As we all know, the docs want them to be back at their birth weight by 2 weeks. My son was 9lbs 6oz at birth. At his one week doctor’s appointment he was 8lbs 6oz and now he is only 8lbs 14oz. Doctor wants me to breastfeed and then give formula after every feeding and then wants to see us back in 5 days to see if any weight gain. I have only breastfed him and really do not want to go to formula yet. He always has a full diaper and poops after all his feedings. He eats anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour at a time and at about every 2 – 3 hours. Everything I have read about feeding times and duration seem to be where he should be. Any help??

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    Default Re: Breastfeed @ 2 weeks old and not gaining much weight

    There are many reasons why an otherwise thriving infant does not regain his birth weight by week 2, however usually good breastfeeding management can make the difference. I see that you are feeding every two hours, so that is 10-12 times a day, right? and you are waking him at night to feed?
    Sometimes the baby's birth weight is inflated due to mom being on IV and therefore baby is filled with liquid at birth and he has to pass all that out of his system.
    sometimes different scales are not calibrated correctly, so that can account for a difference too. Rather than topping off a nursing with formula, which has drawbacks, see if your doctor might permit you to go three more days of exclusive 10 - 12 nursings per day and see if your LO gains .5 to 1 ounce per day.
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    Default Re: Breastfeed @ 2 weeks old and not gaining much weight

    What color are those poops? And is the baby very sleepy or jaundiced at all? And has he always been weighed naked, using the same scale? And did y have IV fluids during labor?

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    Default Re: Breastfeed @ 2 weeks old and not gaining much weight

    If I understand correctly, your son gained 8oz in the week between doctor visits. Given that information, I would not be worried about the fact that he hasn't regained his birth weight, and I wouldn't supplement with formula because of it. If you feel anxious, an alternative is to pump after feedings and supplement with that.

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