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Thread: Bad latch at 12 weeks

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    My baby is 12 weeks old and she has never latched correctly. I have seen at least 3 different nurses, 2 breastfeeding doctors and a LC. I also attend my local LLL group.
    She took 3 weeks to regain her birth weight and she's on the 1st% of weight for length and on the 20th% for age, which means she's not fat enough by a long shot.
    The doctors and a friend of mine, who's a midwife, believe that I can still improve her latch but I am not as confident. She has always clicked and at the beginning she hurt my nipples so much that I pumped it out and fed her with a bottle.
    I am wondering if anyone has a successful story of fixing a latch that late, and if so how did you do it?

    I am not quite ready to give up but I am getting there.


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    Have you brought her to an ENT to be checked for tongue tie? Is it possible you have an overactive letdown and oversupply? Those are the first two that come to mind.

    And yes, it is totally possible. It took my daughter 2 months before she even latched on then another 2-3 months to get it right.
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    Excellent suggestions by the PP

    And, yes, it's definitely possible. My daughter didn't have a decent latch until she was about 3 months old.
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