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Thread: milk donation - when should I pump?

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    Default milk donation - when should I pump?


    I've found a local gal who is in need of some milk. I'm not sure when I should pump for this. I had a very bad oversupply and still have an overactive letdown so I don't want to ramp up my supply too much (I'm so happy to finally be able to go in public in something that is not black and without 2 nursing pads (and a half dozen in my diaper bag). I figure everyday would be best as my supply would regulate? Or should I just do it sporadically? Also should I pump at the same time every day (i.e. morning) or should I do it after my little one looks full? He's 6 months and starting solids so I don't want to accidentally wean him.

    Any suggestions would be great!


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    Default Re: milk donation - when should I pump?

    WTG mama on helping your friend! What an awesome gift you are providing.

    I have had problems w/ OS/OALD as well. I hear you on the black shirt thing. And it's summer too! Nothing like a milk stain all over the front of a nice pink shirt

    I would only pump once a day, if you think that is going to be enough. When I was building up extra milk for work, I liked to do this first thing in the morning, after the nursing session that was sometime b/w 7-9 AM. My babies were both more likely to take a good nap then, giving me a bit of wiggle room. Pump both sides @ the same time - I assume you are going to be using a double electric pump.

    W/ oversupply, I would really try to keep it to just once per day. You can do it sporadically if you want, but I would try to keep it around the same time every day that you do it.

    I don't think you will wean him. Your supply will naturally take a dip now that your baby is starting solids, so this extra pumping may actually help you keep up your overall supply.

    Good luck!

    P.S. I use these to control leaking: www.lilypadz.com They are wonderful.
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    Default Re: milk donation - when should I pump?


    So why pump at the same time? I only have a single pump - the lady I'm donating too would buy me a double but I feel uncomfortable about receiving any sort of compensation for giving breastmilk.

    I don't have trouble getting milk on my single pump - I just did it this morning and I got 4oz in about 5 min from one of my boobs (but I was a bit full this morning as he didn't wake for his 5am feed...).

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    Default Re: milk donation - when should I pump?

    If you pump at the same time it will teach your body to produce more AT THAT TIME and not at other times. If you have oversupply issues this would be particularly helpful because you don't necessarily want an overall supply boost to the point where you are walking around leaking all the time, you just want a little bit more to donate.

    I'd also say that if she's willing to get a pump and you are willing to double pump it would be easier. She's probably looking to get as much as she can from you and she'll probably get more ifyou use a double pump. And if you arrange in advance that you'll give the pump back to her afterward it wouldn't be compensation it'd be a loan. Though if double pumping isn't something you want to do I'm sure she will be happy with whatever you can give her. What you are doing is a wonderful gift for her and her baby.
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