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Thread: periods irregularity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*krystine View Post
    Really I think it's a good idea to chart your fertility so you know if you're ovulating or not. It is normal for cycles to be irregular but you are rather in the dark if you're not charting to know what your body is doing. Taking Charge of your Fertility is a very easy to read good guide on learning about your health and how to determine when you ovulate.
    hi krystine, do you think this is as important from a health pov then? I really wanted to ttc 'casually' and not put pressure on as I'm aware that that can create problems such as what i've just experienced.
    thank you for your feedback - don't know how i'd feel if not for lll mum support

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    I'm going to 2nd Krystine's suggestion of charting. Not just for TTC, but just to know what's going on in your body, if you are ovulating, or what. That could really help you recognize what's going on. It could just be a long cycle.
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    I think it's helpful. It is also pretty empowering to know your body that well and can help you anticipate certain things, like PMS symptoms, for example, if you get that. I'm going to my doctor later this week and I am glad I can say that yes I have ovulated the last 3 months but there are other things I've learned from charting about what my body is doing. If I weren't TTC or using it for birth control I still think it's just good info. Once you get it down it doesn't take more than a minute or two a day. I don't think it creates pressure TTC either but it at least gives you some info and if you do end up going to your doctor for fertility stuff you can rule out problems by the info you'll be bringing with your charting and pinpoint potential problems easier, too.
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