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    I've recently started pumping to build up a backup supply because I'm planning on taking some classes. My mom is willing to watch the LO but since the classes are 4 hours long, she'll need some BM on hand. I pump at night a couple hours after my LO has gone to bed. I'm only getting an ounce, if that. Is that normal? Or is my milk supply low in general?

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    Pump output is not necessarily a good indicator of supply. If your baby is gaining weight well and producing adequate wet and poopy diapers, your supply is fine. Pump output depends on:
    - when you pump (time of day)
    - when yur baby nursed last
    - how often you pump (routinely vs.irregularly)
    - your level of expertise with the pump
    - what sort of pump you have (there's a huge difference in effectiveness between makes and models)
    - how you as an individual respond to pumping

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