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Thread: New mommy a lot of questions!

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    Default New mommy a lot of questions!

    My daughter is 3 weeks old now. She nurses every hour to hour and a half for 20-30 minutes at a time. My pediatrician insists this is normal for her stage in life. Is this a common experience? Also, I have an Avent breast pump and I'm trying but I'm not getting much milk. I have large nipples and the pump is very uncomfortable....any advice?

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    Are you counting from start to start? If you are, then she is eating every 2 hrs which is not bad if you are on cue feedings. My son was doing that at that age because he was constantly hungry (he wanted to eat 4oz at a time which the pedi thought was fine but I didn't have that much) so he wasn't getting much sleep. When he was getting his 4 oz, he would sleep well and eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs which was nice. I introduced bottles to give him that extra amount that he wasn't getting at the breast. I should have used the SNS or done nothing since he now prefers bottles and I am having a hard time keeping him at the breast. He is now 2mo, but have been having issues since 5 weeks due to low supply and the bottles. In hindsight, I would not have introduced bottles, supplements, or pump since from reading the forums it appears to be a slippery slope....

    I also took fenugreek capsules to increase my milk supply. Now I know that I have enough to fill him up at each feeding but he won't stay on the breast. So I pump it and serve in a bottle when he won't nurse. You may want to check that you have the right flanges for the pump since they come in different sizes. Also look into the PumpinPal shields which may be more comfortable for you. I rented the hospital pump and it works great, no pain at all but I would like to stop pumping and go to exclusive breastfeeding if I could go back to when he was 3 weeks old.
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    very very normal amount to be nursing. Iknow it seems overwhelming, but it's not odd! And that is the best way to increase your supply if you're worried about it. Do you need to pump because you're going back to work? How much are yo ugetting when you're pumpign? For a lot of people it takes practice to pump. But it's not unusual that you wouldn't be getting a lot when you pump when your baby is nursing every hour or so. She's taking everything you're making. If you're worried about supply, pumping on top of those nursing sessions will increase it, but I would take that slowly so you don't end up with oversupply. Welcome to LLL!

    And I would strongly urge you not to try to put your baby on any type of schedule right now. Feeding on demand is the most natural and healthiest for you and for baby. Trying to get a baby on a schedule at that age would really be fruitless, i think, and would cause far more frustration than it's worth. I remember getting so wrapped up in those three hour blocks of when you're supposed to feed, then do an activity, then change, then do this, then do that and it really just caused more problems.
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    Default Re: New mommy a lot of questions!

    How is your baby's weight gain and diaper output?

    Has she been feeding like this since the beginning, or is this a new thing?

    Regarding the pump- sounds like you have the wrong size of shields. Also, what make/model of pump do you have? There's a big difference in efficiency among pumps.

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    Default Re: New mommy a lot of questions!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*vizcaya01 View Post
    The BabyWise book says that once you have them on a schedule their hunger would organize and kick in every 3 hrs? My son is like clockwork with his feedings as long as he gets his 4oz of course.
    Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with ANY schedule. There have been cases of babies dying because their family was so into the scheduling thing that they would ignore the baby and baby would be not fed enough. Personally, I think the whole hunger getting on a schedule thing is bunk. I know -- and I'm almost 40 -- that I get hungry when I wouldn't expect to be sometimes. And ...IME ... some babies eat more than others. 4 oz IS A LOT OF MILK for a BF baby and particularly one who is just a few weeks old. Even my five month old isn't taking quite that much per feeding. And he's really quite big for a baby of his age and with a cleft palate (failure to thrive isn't an issue for him!). None of my older babies ever took that much at any bottle feedings.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post

    Regarding the pump- sounds like you have the wrong size of shields. Also, what make/model of pump do you have? There's a big difference in efficiency among pumps.
    And bear in mind that a pump is NOT a good indicator of production. If baby is having adequate amounts of wets and poops, then what you are experiencing sounds extremely normal to me.

    All of my newborn babies have wanted to eat pretty much around the clock. Even the fourth, who I am pumping for because of his cleft palate. The early days with him were quite rough because he wanted to eat and suck all the time. I think I spent two months holding a feeder in his mouth! Bottle feeding versus nursing, to me, doesn't make a difference.
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    hi there! welcome! sounds like everything is the normal new mommie stuff!!!

    babies have a growth spurt at 2-3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months. so they will want to nurse a lot during this times! very common.

    babies are much better at getting milk out than pumps are, so your lo is getting way more out than your pump is. you may want to try a different size shield for the pump. set it on the lowest setting. you can increase it, but you should feel comfortable. try to look at your baby, or a picture, and relax. it takes a few tries to learn how to pump. remember it should be comfortable, with no pain.

    i would not advise a schedule. breastfeeding works best on a basis of supply and demand.

    my son was feeding non stop the first few weeks, then he slowed down and got better at it. i go on his cues of he wants, and everyone says what a good baby he is at 4 months now! point of my story is, they develop their own schedules at first. after a few months its ok to tweak it a little bit, but remember they are adjusting to a new world, and the safest place to them is to be at the breast!

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