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Thread: really foul smelling poop????

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    Default really foul smelling poop????

    My son is 13 weeks today. The past two BMs he had (today and Monday) have been very dark green, seedy, a little foamy, and smell absolutely horrible. They don't smell like adult poops, more like REALLY bad halitosis.

    I thought BF babies' poop was not supposed to smell bad. He does take a multivit and iron, but he was preemie and has been taking them since 2 weeks old and has never had this before. Nothing in my diet has changed that I can think of.

    The pedi says it's fine. I've called them about his poop several times before and they always make me feel stupid for asking. Luckily I am moving soon and getting a new pedi.

    Does anyone have a guess what could be causing it?? He does seem to have more tummy discomfort the past few days. I want to make sure he's not in pain and make any changes I can that could help the situation!

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    Default Re: really foul smelling poop????

    Green foul-smelling poop can be a sign of a baby who is getting too much foremilk (as often happens when mom has an oversupply), an allergy issue, or a tummy bug. But 2 poops isn't enough to suggest an issue, since green and smelly is part of the normal poop spectrum. It's only if this goes on for days or weeks and really becomes a pattern that you need to worry.

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