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Thread: had to wean at 18 months...

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    Default had to wean at 18 months...

    i was put on some medication that prevented me from bfing and my DH said that
    since we had been talking about weaning, now was a good time.
    DS took it well. only asked to nurse a few times and is content to snuggle with me
    instead of nursing.
    because i had to cold turkey wean, i had engorgement for a few days.
    it's now been over a week since i last nursed, and i still have slight engorgement
    and tenderness, and i leak. i never leaked while i was still BFing, but now i leak all
    the time. it's very frustrating and can be embarasing when it happens at work.
    does anyone know why im leaking and still full? or about how much longer until
    things get back to semi-normal? i would love to not be so tender, and not worry about
    DS is a happy healty 18 mos old and is eating anything i give him, and has even
    started drinking milk (used to hate it).
    i'm grateful for the last 18 mos of nursing and all the goodness that came with it.
    this site has helped me many times from a rough beginning to mastitis and preasure to supplement. thank you everyone for all your help and support :-)
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    We and and too. Learninng how to use cloth diapers. And the only way I can be here is with a sleeping Baby or one thats

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    Default Re: had to wean at 18 months...

    Congratulations on making it to 18 months! That's a terrific achievement. I'm sorry breastfeeding had to end early, especially because cold turkey weaning tends to result in exactly the types of problems you're experiencing: engorgement, leaking, discomfort. Sometimes even mastitis.

    How long it will be before your body decides to cut production down to a more tolerable level, or to nothing, is very hard to say because the answer is unique to you as an individual. It could be days, it could be weeks. The longer you put up with the discomfort and fullness, the faster the process should happen. But don't be afraid to use the pump to remove the minimum amount necessary to relieve the discomfort. Taking the edge off should not prevent your supply from decreasing, albeit at a slower rate than if you just put up with the fullness.

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    Default Re: had to wean at 18 months...

    Hand expressing is sometimes a good way to remove enough to be comfortable without signalling your body to make more.
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