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    All right I really need some help. This is my second child and my second bout of low milk supply. With my first child the doctors told me there was nothing I could do but suppliment so I researcbed myself and found the herbs and pumped and tried all the old wives tales to no avail. Once more I'm turning here for help. I've desided to try domperidom after weighting the pros and cons. That was the easy part. The hard part is finding a doctor to perscribe it! This is where I need help. I live in arizona and southern california, does anyone know of a doc that will prescribe it or someplace in canada or mexico where I can get it without one? My daughter is one month now and i've had to start adding supplement to BF in order to get her to gain back at least her birth weight. Any help, even a nudge in the right direction will be such a help. I dont know where to turn and I really appretiate having a place to turn to. Thanks!

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    Mama, I think we US mamas wold probably be breaking the law if we referred you directly to the person you're looking for. But I think we're allowed to suggest that you speak to your midwife, obstetrician, or family doctor and ask for their help. I think that you can legally obtain Domperidone in the US from a compounding pharmacy, provided you have a prescription. Sorry I can't do better for you!

    Has anyone suggested that you check out possible physical causes of low supply (PCOS, thyroid issues, retained placenta, tongue-tied baby)?

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    Thanks but yes currently waiting on thyroid results but I have no symptoms and I've had all the other possibilities checked out. I just got through talking to my doctor today and he would only give me a prescription for reglan because he didn't know what domperidone was. Unfortunatly I live in a small town. Thanks for suggestions though. I do wonder though why everyone makes such a deal over domperidone if it can be perscribed and gotten in the US?

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    You don't need a prescription. You can order it online.

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    I would check on the side effects of Reglan. I believe long-term use may have undesirable lasting effects. If your doctor is unfamiliar with Domperidone, you should try to educate him/her. Good luck!

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    domperidone is by prescription in Canada.
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