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Thread: I am coming down with a cold

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    Unhappy I am coming down with a cold

    and I have a 2 month old. My throat was hurting 2 days ago and had a runny nose. I woke up feeling worse with watery eyes, feeling very hot (not fever) and tired so she is at grandmas now because I dont want to get her sick. I am pumping and freezing while she is gone. A friend told me that it is good to breastfeed her while I am sick because of the antibodies, is this true? And do you know of any over the counter medicines I can take that are safe while breast feeding?

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    It is true that it is good to breastfeed while you are sick. Your anitbodies will get to your baby and help her fight off any of the cold virus that she may have gotten. I also have had a cold, and my 8mo has gotten it, but she doesn't seem to be as bad as I am...so it does help.


    Here's a link about medications, you might find something there...Hope you feel better soon!
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    Yup, it's true! She's probably already been exposed to your cold (from before you had symptoms) and the antibodies you are producing to fight it off will get transferred to her via your breastmilk and help her to fight it off too.

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    Yes, it's definitely best to keep nursing! The antibodies in the milk are one of the biggest advantages to breastfeeding. It is cold and flu season, and unfortunately your baby will in all likelyhood get sick from time to time. The antibodies from you can help keep the illnesses less severe and shorter in duration. There are many OTC medications that are ok to take while nursing. Check out the link the PP provided above. You can also call the baby's ped to ask about specific medications. Hope you feel better soon!

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