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Thread: Help with starting the bottle

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    Default Help with starting the bottle

    I am a planner, so I'm looking for advice. My first child wouldn't take a bottle because I waited too long to try to introduce. I honestly couldn't go anywhere for a long time (and I nursed her until she was 12 months).

    I am all about nursing my son on demand, but I'd also like to have date nights with my husband or be able to run to the store without freaking out b/c baby will be hungry before I get home.

    My newborn son will be a month old this week. I plan to pump only once or twice a day to have enough in case my husband and I need to be out or in case I am out too long and baby needs to eat and person with him needs to feed him.

    I plan to pump at the times that I miss a feeding. I plan to pump after I feed him to get some 'inventory.'

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for
    1. pumping
    2. using the bottle
    3. avoiding nipple confusion
    4. time of day to introduce bottle
    5. suggestions for husband who will be first to introduce

    Thanks! I want to do the nursing for as long as I can.

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    Default Re: Help with starting the bottle

    Hi. I would recommend reading through the pumping section on here, there is so much information in those threads. I would also invest in the new edition of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, really good resource.

    I pumped right after I nursed in the am each day to develop a stash. I recommend checking if you have excess lipase before freezing. To do this leave an oz in your fridge and taste it periodically over a few days. If it tastes fine go ahead and freeze your milk.

    I also eat oatmeal every morning ( not sure if it helps). I do compressions and really try to relax while i pump. At the end of a session i hand express for a few min.

    My lo would not take a bottle. We tried every nipple. He ended up taking the medela bottles when a shirt that smelled like me was near him/near the bottle. I send him to daycare with the shirt i slept in the night before.

    Again, read through the site, you will find a lot. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Help with starting the bottle

    Since you just want some for occassional outings without baby, you probably don't need to pump every day. I would pump once and collect some milk to use to check for lipase -- checking for lipase is a good idea before you start counting on your frozen stash -- and then start pumping a bit to build up a smallish stash for those times; 12 oz would mean you could be gone for about 8 hours or more, as a baby needs 1 to 1.5 oz per hour that baby and mother are apart. Use it up and then rebuild it.

    Most moms find that pumping in the morning is the most effective.

    Many parents have the dad or some other caregiver offer a bottle around 4-6 weeks. Too early, and you risk baby deciding a bottle is better. Too late, and you might have a baby who won't take a bottle ever. Some babies won't take one no matter what you do though. My third was like that. I didn't return to my PT job until he was old enough for me to be apart from him for several hours without him needing to eat.

    Some parents continue to offer a bottle once a week, others don't. And you can skip a bottle entirely if you teach baby to cup feed, or if you wait until baby is a few months old and can use a cup. I'm teaching my 5 month old to use a cup now (not just because he has a cleft palate; I've done this with all my other kids).

    If you wait a few months before leaving baby, you won't need to pump while you are away, unless it's for an all day thing. Just a couple hours, I wouldn't worry about it. You might be really full, but it will be OK. And then just nurse FT when you are back with baby.

    I wouldn't try to offer a bottle when baby is already tired and crabby and fussing. Late evenings are usually not a good time to try something new with a baby.
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