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Thread: weaning a 2 year old?

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    Default weaning a 2 year old?

    hello i need some suggestions. i have had a wonderful time nursing until recently. . i am hoping for some advise from people who have weaned or are weaning their two year olds? here are the details of our situation...
    - daughter is turning two next month. i work fulltime and papa is primary caretaker
    - she is getting up very early btw 4-6am and won't go back to sleep without nursing and then sometimes nurses for an hour and is awake for the day.
    - I still nurse for bedtime and naptime if i am off work that day. i will nurse after bathtime and then ask if she is ready for bed and usually she will say yes and i put her to bed and she falls asleep on her own.
    - if i am off for the day she is wanting to nurse every couple hours. to the point of histarical crying and pulling me to sit down. distracting does not usually work.
    i would like to wean completely now and move on to our next stage together as mama and daughter.
    thanks for your help!
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    Default Re: weaning a 2 year old?

    Well, I haven't completely weaned my baby boy, but I am with you as far as the breastfeeding frustration. I have slowly backed off of breastfeeding - most annoying feedings first - until I got to a more comfortable place with toddler breastfeeding. I still plan to nurse Joe for a while yet, but that's partly because setting limits helped me keep breastfeeding a "happy" relationship for both of us.

    It seems like the weekend days are the hardest for you - the constant demands for milk. I hear that. So I would start with those sessions. If distraction doesn't work, try leaving the house and going places. Keep putting her off, and reward any small strides she makes. Distract with fun games BEFORE she begs to nurse, rather than after the begging starts. Keep her sippy cup and snacks on hand and fend off the begging BEFORE it begins, as much as you can. Go to the park or to a friend's. Whatever environment where she begs less.

    You might find that once you stop those boredom sessions during the day, that you have a lot more energy to go gradually with bedtime and early morning nursing sessions. I know that Joe nurses in the morning, but that helps us all sleep a little longer. Without it, he would be up for good at 5:30 every morning, but with a little nursing, we all sleep in until 7 a.m. If that's not the case for you, you could try to settle her back down without milk (just cuddles, pat on the back, etc.) and accept that this might mean she's up early. I know in my case, those morning sessions will be the LAST to go, because they give me an extra hour of sleep every day with little effort on my part.

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    Default Re: weaning a 2 year old?

    You just got some great advice I'm also in the same boat. My LO is also 2 and would probably nurse every hour if I let him, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. I know the frustration. I'm working on telling him to wait and distracting him. It seems to work, unless I make the "mistake" of sitting down... then he thinks it's an open invitation.
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