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Thread: Need either encouragement or validation!

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    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a little validation or encouragement here - either will do right now! I've been dealing with low milk supply for the past month. My then-4 MO only gained 1/2 lb between her 2nd and 4th month check up. Tried to get supply up, but she still wasn't gaining, so I've started supplementing about 3 weeks ago. Good news is she started to gain weight. Bad news is the predicted continued fall in my supply is happening. This evening was so bad she just cried at the breast the whole time and I finally just gave her a full feeding of formula (No EBM left to give her )

    I've been trying everything for over a month now: frequent nursing, pumping after feeding (only 1/2 to 1 oz usually), fenugreek, oatmeal, brewer's yeast, bottles have newborn nipples for slowest flow. SO, who out there had this much trouble and was successful in getting their supply and nursing back on track? Or is it just time I accept a new feeding/comfort relationship with my LO with formula bottles and cuddling and nursing as possible, knowing the nursing probably won't last. I'll add I have 3 other dds who need some more time with me rather than me hiding in my room for a quiet place to nurse then pump all day long.


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    First off, bring the pump out of the bedroom and pump. I have three other LOs too, and I pump in the family room. Otherwise, I'd never pump.

    hopefully someone else comes algon..fussy baby. gotta run
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    I agree, move the pump. Mine's in my family room, too. I'm still in the stage of trying to increase supply, so I don't have the success story to tell you yet, but pumping as often as possible is only really feasible if you're not holed up in your room!

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    yes, you can get your supply back. and yes it is frustrating when your LO does not gain weight and you have tried everything. Did you have supply issues with your other children? would you consider replacing the bottle and giving all feedings at the breast using a lact-aide or an sns? some moms find that they build a supply by making certain their pump is working correctly. If you are not renting a hospital double pump you might want to try one. also now might be a good time to learn how to hand express to kick up a supply.
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    So sorry to hear you're having trouble. I sympathize with you so much because im on my second child and once more facing low milk troubles. I wish I could tell you I found a happy ending my first time around but alas I had to suppliment and my son ended up rejecting me for the bottle and all the doctors told me to just give up. This time on top of herbs im trying to get my hands on domperidom. With any luck I can percure some and get my supple up. I know its so hard when you have to supplement but dont give up! Hang in there and remember when your supplimenting not to focus on the fact that you aren't breast feeding but rather remind yourself that you care enough about your little one to do what is necissary to make sure he/she is heathy and happy. Remember you're a wonderful mommy!

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    You can do it!!!! My lo is 12 weeks old. I have struggled with low supply, my supply was late because of magnesium at delivery, this can delay it up to 10 days. He was tongue tied and I couldn't find a doctor to fix it for 7 weeks. I also had pediatricians who told me he wasn't gaining weight because my milk was bad forcing me to supplement. We got the tongue tie fix and I got thrush. Rough start. I also don't pump well.
    But I now have to pump off the foremilk because that also is causing slow weight gain in my infant. He was little when he was born and he has now gained 2 lbs. 11 oz. in his little life. But we are now ebf. I have now returned to work and the struggle is starting again. But here are my suggestions. Rent a hospital grade pump, this will get you on the right path. Pump every 2 hours, this is difficult with a lo and mine is high maintenance so I understand. Get plenty of sleep, this really affects my supply but it might be a personal thing cause I have never seen it mentioned as a factor. I know you have to get up to pump at night but try to get your rest. Try not to stress, a little formula won't hurt your baby, I stressed so much about this because I have very strong negative feelings about giving my lo formula (this is a personal thing I do not judge people who do not bf, but my family history suggests my child will have a lot of health concerns that bm helps avoid and I want to give him the best start possible) I cried whenever I had to give him formula before and the premade stuff made him stink really bad and I struggled with attachment issues and ppd, so all of this just compounded each other.
    My baby is now gaining weight and happy as a clam. He was always meeting milestones he was just skinny looking. But now he is filling out.
    You are doing great. Every drop helps. If you have to supplement make sure you pump and I wish I had purchased an SNS to help. Also, I take fenugreek like it is going out of business and that has helped a lot, but it does take up to 48 hours so if you don't see results right away, just relax. I still try to do skin to skin with my baby. And I have heard that wearing your baby can help, but my lo gets frustrated with this (he doesn't like to sleep and will fight it and baby wearing makes his little body take naps against his will).
    You are doing great! Keep up the good work.

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    I agree you can do it. I had the same problems. My DD had a really bad latch and did not nurse well for the first few weeks and as a result did not gain weight well. My supply also suffered. I had to supplement with a sns at the boob and pumped after every feedings. I got the same amount of EBM as you. My family doctor put me on domperidone and I eat oatmeal every day and my supply has improved a lot. I also nurse on demand. I stopped pumping once my supply seemed to be enough for my DD and her weight gain is ok. Now she's a happyily nursing 9 month old. You're doing the right thing nursing, even if you have to supplement it's ok, any breastmilk is better than nothing! Don't be discouraged.

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