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Thread: Herbs to boost supply at this stage?

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    Default Herbs to boost supply at this stage?

    Just curious if taking Mothers Milk or Fenugreek capsules can help increase my supply during that time of the month when my supply completely drops off and LO wants nothing to do with nursing I had an LC tell me that Fenugreek at this stage would not be effective any longer. Is that true? Are any of you still taking Fenugreek or any other herbal supplements with success? (My LO is 18 months). Seems like my supply goes down to nothing around ovulation and lasts all the way to AF. (ugh!) Wondering if this would help out at all?

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    Default Re: Herbs to boost supply at this stage?

    I've taken fenugreek as you are taking it or talking about taking it, and it has been helpful even now, when my son is 18 months, so i don't really think the LC gave you accurate info
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    Default Re: Herbs to boost supply at this stage?

    Yeah, go ahead and try! If it works, great. It certainly can't hurt.

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