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    a sns would probably help you a lot
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    If you can find an IBCLC to weigh your baby before a feeding and after on a super-sensitive scale, that may give you a better idea of what he is actually getting at the breast.

    It is wonderful to know that babies are more efficient than the pump (which is very true), and the quality of your pump and size of your flanges (correct or not) will affect how much you pump. Do be sure that your flanges aren't too small because that will affect how much you can pump and actually lower your supply. ( http://lactinv.com/breastfeeding_qna..._breastshields ) At the same time, there are times when a baby is at the breast, seems to latch on and suck but is really not getting milk. You want to be sure that you aren't in one of those situations. It really does sound like you need hands-on help, and if you can get some of these issues sorted out, you really won't regret it.
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