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    I weaned my daughter about a month and a half ago after 28 months of nursing. She's coping well, but I am going crazy. My hormones are way out of whack. I'm moody, depressed, exhausted, and my glands are swollen in my armpits. I stay at home with my daughter and I'm finding it really hard to cope with her typical toddler behavior which is not normal for me; I usually have tons of patience. How long is this going to last? DO I need to get on antidepressants?

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    Did you wean abruptly? I think that mamas who wean in a hurry are more likely to experience some sort of emotional upheaval. And it's going to be harder to cope with the typical toddler shenanigans if you weaned abruptly, because when you wean slowly you sort of transition from using nursing to solve your mothering issues to using other strategies.

    Regardless of whether you weaned slow or fast, I think it's normal to experience some intense feelings when breastfeeding comes to an end. But it sounds like your issues might have a physical component that warrants a trip to the doc. Swollen glands make me think infection, not emotion. Moodiness, exhaustion, and depression also make me think seeing a doc is a good idea- we can't really say whether or not antidepressants are a good idea because that is a medical diagnosis that should not be made over the internet.

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    I would call my Dr. I know personally for me even weaning gradually I went into a funk for a few weeks I cried alot, getting out and about helped too. I still brought it up to my Dr. when I went in for a check up.. I felt better hearing her opinion..
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