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Thread: How to not worry?

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    Unhappy How to not worry?

    With my last LO we had all kinds of issues, he ended up being diagnosed FTT and was on a feeding tube for 3 months. He had reflux, and a dairy and soy intolerance. I had to nurse with an SNS and pump after feeding to supplement him because he would never nurse long enough. I struggled daily emotionally about my ability to feed him and was constantly worried about my supply. We never had a good nursing relationship. I found this board helped me through it and I nursed him for 14 months. Now I have a new LO, 10 days old, and I realize how stressed I was with my last one. Every time she has a fussy feed or doesn't eat as well as I think she should, I start to panic. I know that good output means good input and I am keeping track of diapers every day just to make sure. She was 7 lbs 6 oz at birth and went down to 6 lbs 15 oz at discharge. At her 5 day appointment she was 7 lbs. So she is gaining and we got back next week for her 2 week. I know that so far she is doing good but sometimes I still start to panic, espicially about how my supply is going to be affected. For those who have been through it before how do you not worry about it and relax?

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    I think the only thing that will help is time. And over time, when you see that this baby isn't having the same issues your other baby had, then you'll relax and it won't be an automatic panic response every single time something little happens.

    You're mind is set to hyper-vigilance and it's going to take a while for it to reset to normal.

    I don't have your exact issues, but similar ones from caring for a kid who needs constant monitoring. It's all I can do sometimes not to grab at other people's children to restrain them the way I do with my son. It's become instinct for me. But one that I'm learning to repress as my little man grows up and needs less.
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    Time. I had low supply issues and torn up nipples with my first, and it wasn't until my second gained a pound in a week from my oversupply that I let go of the fear that my second mothering experience was going to mirror my first.

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