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Thread: Sippy cup question(s)

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    My 6m old daughter is very interested in drinking from a cup. Like an adult cup! She's actually pretty good at it, she doesn't seem to like her sippy cup at all. I also discovered that she knows how to drink from a straw.

    I was thinking about giving her a sippy cup that has a straw and skipping the traditional sippy cup. I only give her water, no juice. Any suggestions on brand names?

    Also, will her increased use of a cup lead to decreased breastfeeding? I don't want to completely wean her until she's at least 1yr old.

    She has been trying out various solids, mainly pears, sweet potatoes, and avocados - she only eats a tiny bit, but she is very in to eating like a big girl. She opens her mouth whenever I eat, expecting the spoon to go into her mouth!


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    WE really love the Zoli bot cup. It is straw sippy.

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    I don't think it will lead to decreased breastfeeding, it hasn't for us. Seems like increased solids that are replacing breastmilk would decrease breastfeeding (aka weaning) not drinking extra fluids/using a sippy. But we don't use a sippy, we use a regular cup and just give her water in it.
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