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Thread: About to give up

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    Thanks for the update! You should be so proud of yourself for continuing to hang in there. I am sure that someday, maybe in a few weeks or months or maybe far in the future when you see her tie her own shoes or something, you will look back on this time and know that you did the absolute right thing. You're a trooper, mama!

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    Hi there: just wanted to say quickly that it indeed sounds like everything is progressing wel for you and your LO. We went thru many of the same issues, including jaundice ( our neonatologist said it could be six months before it's all gone, but not to worry. We spend a lot of time in the sun and now he's fine) and if anything my advice would be to take a break from doctors and offices. I whloeheartedly agre with pp suggesting bf holidays--you might find spending a weekend in bed with baby (and a good audiobook on the iPod!) reorients you both. Try to forget about scheduling and weighing for a day or two and just watch and listen to your beautiful girl. Great job, and hang in there!

    Mother to a sweet boy, born at 34 weeks on 2/11/11.
    Proud that I grew 26 lbs of baby before solids, and still counting...

    We received banked milk in the NICU. Thank you, donors!!!

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