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Thread: my baby become so allergic to my milk !!

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    Default my baby become so allergic to my milk !!

    Hello !! I am a new mother , my baby is 2 months 3 days old now and I was only breasfeeding him . Before 6 days his father and I noticed that he was vomting more frequent than before and his stool smells really bad . However , we thought he might got a little cold . the next day some red rash has developed on his face and head only - body were free - so we took him to the pediatrician who said everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about . He gave us an anti-histamine droops for kids along with a cream . My husband was not convinced and he said he will go to another Doc. After that , my baby was very allergic to my breast .Once I breastfeed him the red rash will devlop and he will spit out a little amount of milk every 10 minutes until there will be no milk on his stomach . We went to another pediatrician and he said again everything is normal but our kid is allergic and I have to watch out what I am eating ( I am on a dairy free diet since last wedensday ) . The doc gave us an HypoAllergic milk ( Nestle - NAN HA ) and told me to continue breasfeeding him in the morning only for 2 times before I get my breakfast and give him the HA milk . The baby rejected to take ( NAN HA ) and when I breastfeed him he will be very fussy and the red rash will developed immediately and the vomiting won't stop so I used to mix the HA Milk with cornstrach and feed it to him ! Afterthat , his father bought him another HA MILK which is ( Wyeth - s26 HA ) hardly , I feeded him some in the morning by the bottle ! When I gave him my breast he took it for a while and again the same symptoms ( red rashes on his face and head , voimiting) now , his father told me to stop feeding him from my breast . because the symptoms will be developed immediately after getting my milk into his body . Any of you moms have had the same experince before ? I wanted to continue breastfeeding him but I can't !!

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    Default Re: my baby become so allergic to my milk !!

    Mama it's not your milk the baby is allergic to. It's something IN your milk. It can literally take weeks to clear dairy out of your system. Are you cutting out ALL dairy? Reading packages for hidden dairy?

    For this same reason it doesn't make sense that your Dr told you to feed the baby only before eating breakfast. Because what you ate yesterday and the day before that is in your milk.

    I suggest seeing an allergist, it sounds like the Dr doesn't know what he's talking about. And that's not uncommon. Allergists are specialists, they can help with these details. There's a whole allergy forum here if you go down a bit. Lots of mamas here have dealt with severe allergies and multiple allergies and still managed to continue breastfeeding.

    And read up on the elimination diet here. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/fee...imination-diet

    Also - please do not mix cornstarch into the bottles. That could cause lumps and create a choking hazard.
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    Default Re: my baby become so allergic to my milk !!

    Welcome! I agree completely with the previous post.

    It sounds like you are very concerned about your baby's spitting up. That's understandable, but spitting up isn't always a health problem. If the baby spits up without pain and continues to gain weight well, then the spitting is predominantly a laundry problem. But if the baby is in pain when spitting up, perhaps crying with the body flexed, then it may indicate a reflux issue. I know the amount of spit-up can be a concern, but what many parents don't realize is that even if the spit-up appears to consist of the baby's entire meal, it is probably a lot less than that. If you take 2-3 oz (about 74 ml, the average intake of a young breastfed baby) of milk and dump it out on the counter, you will probably see that it is a much larger amount than what your baby spits up.

    Don't get discouraged, Mama! Many of the moms here have dealt with allergy issues, and very few of them have had to give up nursing. You will get a lot of support and information here!

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    it could be allergy from food, it takes up to four weeks for the food to clear your system and not affect your breast milk. some takes shorter just depends on the food and your body. also look for the hidden stuff in packaged foods.

    im confused on why its just the head and not the body. though i know its possible.

    it just leads me to wonder if it couldn't be an outside allergy? body wash, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, perfume, laundry detergent? is that the only skin to skin with your little one? meaning is your lo always dressed whenever in close contact with you?
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