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Thread: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

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    Default just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    Hi there! I just had B 5 days ago. She is a very aggresive sucker and caused such pain in the hospital (plus I am sure I messed up the latching). Now I have cracks and am trying to heal so I use the nipple shields. Is it ok to continue to use them? Will my nipples ever get to the point wehre they will be rugged enough to endure breastfeeding without the shield? Also, I see it is rec. that baby feeds every 3 hours but mine is a sleeper and if I wake her she will just fall asleep on the breast. I want to make sure my milk comes in properly...any advice? Should I pump???

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    Default Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    Most people are eventually able to get rid of the nippleshield -don't worry about that part too much now - make an appt with LC to work on that. Nursing shouldn't really hurt if you have a good latch, you will be okay

    Right now, focus on feeding your lo at least every 3 hrs, maybe more.

    Try laying her down without swaddling, if that doesn't wake her up, change her, burp her, etc - try undressing her, tickling. I even have heard that some people use a wet washcloth. Also, focus on the diaper output. In 24 hrs a least 5 wet diapers (6 on day 6 and then the number to look for is at least 3 or 4 stools at least the size of a quarter. If you want to pump, go ahead. If you need to supplement try to use something other than bottle (dropper, spoon) to avoid nipple confusion



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    Default Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    Mama, I strongly suggest that you see a professional lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, about your issues. When you have a newborn with a latching issue, nothing beats hands-on help! And IMO it is very likely that you have a latch issue, because a strong suck will not cause cracked nipples. When a baby is latching correctly, the delicate nipple is way back in the back of the baby's mouth, and the majority of the baby's sucking takes place on the resilient tissue of the areola.

    Using the shield is okay for now, but it should be used with guidance from a lactation consultant. When a baby does not have a proper latch, the use of a shield can make the situation worse because sometimes the shield slows orinhibits milk transfer. If the baby's latch is already making milk transfer difficult... You get my drift.

    I am with the PP on nursing frequency. Don't let your baby go more than 3 hours without nursing. The best thing you can do to establish a good milk supply is to nurse often.

    Please let us know how it goes!

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    Default Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    hi there!!!

    i used a nipple shield. i would use it at first then halfway through a feeding take it off and practice latching and nursing. since they are already in the eating mindset its easier imo.
    i learned from an lc to take my finger or nipple-lightly brush down from nose to upper lip to bottom lip to chin. this will make your lo open really wide for a good latch. i was told to practice this even when not nursing, and it sure did help!!

    also i have noticed that my nipples if anything seem more sensitive now that i am a nursing mother. i dont think they get rugged. i have realized it hurts if they dont have a good latch, even with a shield.
    some things that helped mine heal was to express a little milk and let them air dry, or use the lanolin cream and let them breath a little.

    maybe try feeding your lo a little earlier so she is not soo hungry that she is so aggressive with her nursing?? i know at four months if i wait until my lo is crying he is like a little milk vampire!!! plus to get my milk supply up the first 2 weeks i was told to nurse every 2 hours during the day, and 3 at night....

    good luck and congrats!!!!
    SAHM of Baby Dominic, we

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    Default Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    i had the same issue w my first. Turned out I had a bad latch and the recommendations for feeding every three hours is hog wash--at least at first. The first few weeks, i found it was best (with my second and third babies) to start out feeding every hour and gradually reduce to every two hours or so. If the baby is awake, she will need to eat more often, and as he gets to 3 weeks or whenever she starts getting the idea of sleeping more at night and less in the day, the evening feedings can be pretty much continuously. DO NOT WAIT THREE HOURS TO FEED!! (exception: the first 12-24 hours at least attempt every hour or two, she may not eat much from being exhausted from the birthing) You will likely not produce enough milk if you do this. Another thing. When there is gas on the baby's tummy, she may want to feed more often, but really need burped instead. All she knows is that she is uncomfy and feeding makes her feel better. Eventually you will learn the difference between hungry, gassy, sleepy, et cetera cries, if you pay attention.
    good luck!!

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    Default Re: just had baby 5 days ago and nipple question...

    Oh and one other thing...when the baby goes through a growth spurt, expect non stop feeding!!! (well at least it seems like it)

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