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Thread: Medela freestyle broken?!?!!

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    Default Medela freestyle broken?!?!!

    Umm so I was just in the middle of pumping when all of a sudden the pumping noise and suction totally switched up on me. Ummm what could this be? I have the pump plugged in a socket so it's not the battery. The pump itselfnsounds like it's dying. Idk. I'm trippen out cus today was my first day back to work and pumping. If it's not working wth am I supposed to do. I know there's hand expressing but that's going to take forever to do!!

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    Default Re: Medela freestyle broken?!?!!

    I would call Medela right now (hopefully they answer calls now!) and they can talk you through troubleshooting. If that doesn't work, they'll probably overnight a new one. I know that doesn't really help for tomorrow, but maybe they will find the problem?

    I hope someone on here might know what is wrong! Otherwise, I'd run to Target and get a hand pump just in case.

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    Default Re: Medela freestyle broken?!?!!


    I had a freestyle too. I felt the suction wasn't working well and called them. They tried to help me troubleshoot but they ended up sending me a new one si that could return it. Then I ended up getting a pump in style.

    I think they will overnight one to you.
    I agree wih PP... Run and get a hand pump for tomorrow. Or if Medela is going to send you a brand new one then buy a new freestyle now, save the receipt and then when they send you the new one, return that one with your receipt.

    Good luck!!!

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