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Thread: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

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    Default Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?


    Okay, I want to be brief as I know us mommies don't have all the time in the world to pour over postings. I breastfed my son from the get go and everything was going really great in regards to my milk supply. My son, on the other hand, had AWFUL colic. My own mom (mom of 3, grandma of 5) said she had never in her life seen such an "unhappy" baby. She breastfed me until I was two and even she said, maybe I should try formula. I did once, cried, and vowed not to try it again. But around 3 months or so he started refusing to eat from my left nipple, and he would just cry as he was so hungry. I don't have a very good pump but when he ate from my right, I would pump my left...quite a production. So, I gave in and began using formula. He did so well on it that one bottle turned into two, pumping sessions decreased and before I knew it I was well on my way to a forumla only baby. Then I became seriously depressed and guilt ridden. I would cry anytime I made him a bottle and started reading that you can relactate, which I didn't know. I only stopped for two full days with no pumping and my breasts were still full when I returned to breastfeeding, but only for that amount.

    Now, I have been at it a week. I feed every two hours, and produce only two ounces in two hours. At night, he goes four hour stretches and only is breastfed through the night. During the day, I breastfeed on demand and offer the bottle after. I am drinking Mothers Milk, eating oatmeal, drinking water, and even tried half a cup of Oatmeal Stout Beer after his last feeding before bedtime (four hour lapse until I breast fed again). He is 4 months next week.

    Here are my questions:

    Do you think it's possible to ever return to full BF?

    Can I limit his formula to only a certain amount so he is hungrier for the breast more often? I don't want to under nourish.

    How long should it take to get my supply back up, if ever?

    I ordered a quality pump, should I use this often or try to use it as a last resort?

    I had breast augmentation at 18 years old behind the muscle (I am 28 now). I had no issues with initial milk production so is there any reason to believe that would be an issue now?

    Thank you so much for any help.

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    Default Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    Hello! This links below will answer a lot of your questions. You can definitely increase your supply. Couldnt tell from your post but has he only been off the breast 2 days? It will be easier to get him to nurse again if it hasnt been a long time.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes!



    BTW, I do not know from experience but I have heard that the mothers milk tea doesnt really help, the ingredients are not that strong.

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    Default Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    Thank you mtmama for those links-- he was off the breast for about 2 days, yes...he is latching on fine, but not staying very long as there isn't a lot of milk-- but sometimes he stays and nurses them dry...just depends if he is tired or not.

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    Default Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    you will be fine then.

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    Default Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    You can do it! If you're producing 2 oz every 2 hours, you are very close to having all the milk you need. Breastfed babies typically take only 2-4 oz when at the breast, and they generally eat every 1.5-3 hours during the day.

    Check out those links from the PP. They tell you exactly how to decrease the amount of supplement until it's all gone.

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    Default Re: Formula introduced, now BF again-- help please?

    You may be able to increase your supply with fenugreek capsules. It worked for me and after a week of taking the pills I no longer needed to supplement with formula. Per drjacknewman.com you need to take enough until you smell like fenugreek. Per my LC I took 3 capsules at a time, 3 times a day until I finished the bottle but you may want to confirm the dose with your LC. Since then I have been maintaining it with nursing and pumping and it's been over a month. I was getting about 2 oz every three hrs and now I get 4 to 5 oz. I also have a hospital rented pump which helps.

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