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Thread: Not another Fenugreek question.

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    Default Not another Fenugreek question.

    I'm sorry, I know you are tired of the Fenugreek questions.

    In what ways can I take Fenugreek seeds?

    Seeds are the only thing I find here (not that I've done deep research actually), and I prefer them over pills. I can't even swallow small pills.

    Anyway...I'm very picky with textures. I read on Kellymom that you can take them with a little water or juice. I tried it this morning but I was a little grossed out by the texture of the little seeds going with water in my mouth . (It was cold water)

    Can I have them while eating something? like in yogurt or anything else, or will that reduce the efectiveness? Can I crush them to drink with water or juice?

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    Default Re: Not another Fenugreek question.

    You can feel free to consume them in any way you like. Take with yogurt or juice. I personally suggest making them into tea- put a teaspoon of seed into hot water, allow to steep, drink the water, and then chew or swallow the seeds. They will be a lot softer once they've been in the tea, and should be easy to chew.

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