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Thread: Stool and hindmilk

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    Question Stool and hindmilk

    Hi all,
    I have a 3wk2d old DD and we EBF. She's feeding every 2-3 hrs. I pump once a day and get 2-2.5 oz. My issue is that she hasn't had a stool in 3 days. Spoke with the pediatrician yesterday and she said she would be concerned until it was 4 days (if the issue was constipation). My concern, though, is whether her lack of stool is an indication that she's not getting enough hindmilk...

    She has lots of wet diapers (at least 10/d), passes gas frequently, and doesn't really spit up a lot (if she does, it's a small amount). Her belly feels soft.

    Should I be worried about the hindmilk, or am I over-thinking this (which wouldn't be a shock...)?


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    I think your doc's advice is good. Breastfed babies sometimes slow down their pooping pattern to about 1x per week, because breast milk is so digestible that it leaves very little waste. However, the transition to less frequent poops typically does not occur until >6 weeks.

    As long as the baby continues to have sufficient wet diapers, and has been gaining weight and pooping/peeing normally up to this point, I think this isprobably nothing to worry about. Something to watch, yes, but not worry about.

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    It seems like the poop change with too much foremilk is frequent, green, frothy stools that are watery. So if you are having the opposite problem, it's probably not from an imbalance. That being said, I don't have any other ideas for what's going on.

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    I agree with the previous posters. I think around 3 weeks is when my littles started slowing down with their poops, too. My doc said it wasn't an issue unless it had been over 7 days (though with a 3 week old maybe they are more cautious).

    Not enough hindmilk would result in watery green frothy poops rather than constipation so I don't think that's the issue.

    Are you still getting plenty of wets (5-6 per day)?
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