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Thread: Starting back to work tomorrow....questions!!

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    Default Starting back to work tomorrow....questions!!

    1- I will be pumping 2-3 hours while at work, i work 8 hour shift. Do I need to bring a cooler/storage bag to place my EB bottles in? or should i just leave them out in the open in a bag, back of the fridge. just wondering if a storage bag/cooler will keep them fridged ok.

    2- LO will be going to daycare. i read 1-1.5 oz per hour while he's away from me is efficient enough to give. i work 7am-3:30 with a 15 min drive to work. i'll have to drop LO off at 6:20 and with an estimated pick up time of 4pm? is 15 oz of EB in bottles sound about right to give? >>>>which leads to my next one

    3- LO is a huge comfort sucker. i nurse on demand and i let him comfort suck on me. now that he'll be in teh hands of someone else i'm a little freaked out how this could be handled. i don't want his providers overfeeding him (i read other threads regarding this). should i just tell them to feed him 1.5-2 hours and then if he still is fussy/sucking hands offer the paci? (the paci is another story....we really don't want to give it but he's so fussy and wants to comfort suck)

    any feedback is appreciated!!!!

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    Default Re: Starting back to work tomorrow....questions!!

    OH! and another question.

    i'll be pumping on my breaks. 15 min break in the morn and the afternoon and also my 30 min lunch break.

    do i pump to empty? pump to 3-4 oz? pump till my time is up??

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    Default Re: Starting back to work tomorrow....questions!!

    I would give this to your providor:


    there is a pdf link in there you can print out. I would definitely encourage them to use a pacifier after a bottle if you think it was enough and your baby still wants to suck. I don't think a baby will be happy with the pacifier if they are actually hungry.

    The answers to your other questions, for me are:

    (1) I store mine in my cooler bag in the fridge at work. Sometimes I remember to put the freezer thing in the freezer as well, sometimes I just leave it in the fridge in the bag all day. I like to keep mine in the fridge because I have a lipase issue and I think my milk will go bad faster if it is not kept cold enough. Plus - if you have access to a fridge, why not?

    (2) I'm away from my baby from 7:00 to 5:30, so a bit longer than you. I leave her with 12 ounces. She usually drinks 10 to 12, sometimes a bit more. The most she has ever drank was 16 ounces, and that's the most I would feel comfortable with. I sent her with several 2.5 ounce bottles at the beginning. Now I send her with several bottles that are anywhere from 3 to 4 ounces.

    Pumping - if you can pump to empty, that will be best. If not, and you have to quit at 15 minutes, then just pump for the whole time. This is where that fridge will also come in handy. You can throw the pumping gear in a bag and put it in the fridge, then just pump into it again at your next breaks and then bring it home to wash at the end of the day.

    We have a sink right next to our fridge at work, so I rinse the horns and stuff off, but if it wasn't so convenient, I would just store it in the fridge.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Starting back to work tomorrow....questions!!

    1. I store mine in the fridge at work. If you are worried about people looking at it, then you could keep in in a cooler bag, in the fridge.

    Sometimes I'll do my first pump session and leave the milk out and near my pump then just add to the container with the results of my second pump session before putting it the fridge.

    2. I leave my baby from 7 AM to 4 PM. She usually takes 7.5 - 10 oz. Less if she is also having solids. (She is 9 months old).

    3. Mine girl is a high suck needs baby also. I found that when I am away from her she doesn't want to suck as much - she is distracted by everything going one. When I get home, she immediately wants to suck again. I never gave her a passi. She sucks her thumb when tired.

    4. Pumping - pump to empty, and if you still have time keep going and see if you can get a second letdown.

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