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    I'll be EPing for at least 6 more months. I use an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra. I've had several people suggest renting a hospital grade pump to help maximize how much I can pump.

    Has anyone found that a hospital grade pump makes a difference in the amount of milk you can pump?

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    I EPed for over a year and used a number of different pumps. I started with a hospital-grade Ameda but discovered that they didn't even make a flange large enough for me, so I switched to a Medela Lactina. Once my supply was sufficient I had good success with an old Pump in Style until I got mastitis (five months in). I just couldn't get the ducts unplugged even after the antibiotics took care of the actual infection. I rented a Symphony and loved it. I don't know if my production really increased signicantly (I had to up my pumping back to 8 per day at that time) due to the pump or not, but it was much more comfortable. I knew I could never go back to the Pump in Style.

    I debated renting a Symphony for the remainder of the time or buying a pump. My little one was starting to get mobile at that point, and I found an excellent deal on a Freestyle that made it cheaper to buy than to rent, so we went that route. It removed the milk, and I really like it, but it took longer than the Symphony. At that point, though, I was pumping more than my LO needed, so supply wasn't a concern for me.

    That being said, when I had to start pumping basically when my LO was born, I rented a Symphony to make sure I brought in the supply well. I switched back to the Freestyle after a couple of weeks and was fine.

    If I had any worries about supply, I'd go hospital-grade in a heartbeat if it was an affordable option. Renting long-term can often get you a discounted rate.
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