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Thread: Should i offer water in a sippy cup?

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    Default Should i offer water in a sippy cup?

    So we've had low milk supply issues from the start and for that we use an SNS and i pump every 2 hours. He likes the boob and lately we've introduced water from one of our "adult" cups. I like it bc i can control how much water he wants, with him giving me cues if he wants more of course. However, I've offered him a sippy cup with water a few times and i'm just amazed at how fast he drinks the water. I dont know if i'm being selfish here but...i'm scared my baby will trade me for a sippy cup. I love nursing and dont want to lose it even if we've had a rough 10 months. Have any of your LOs quit nursing after a sippy cup? Any tips? Specially now that my LO is sick and does need more fluids (i dont deny him water, i just give it to him on an adult cup and we try to nurse as often as he wants)

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    Default Re: Should i offer water in a sippy cup?

    I had the same concern about sippy cups too... I would just give him the regular cup if you're worried about it. It's not likely to cause him to wean, but you don't want your supply to drop just because he's drinking too much water from a cup. You could also just put a bit of water in there. I think one or two ounces of water a day should probably be ok?

    My mom said my younger brother weaned at 10 months to a regular cup because he wanted to be the same as everyone else. I think she could have kept him nursing and not offered him the cows milk, but recommendations were different back then.

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    Default Re: Should i offer water in a sippy cup?

    Around a year is when we did full access to water in a sippy cup. I think you can offer with meals at this time and be OK.

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