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Thread: Positioning Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jenniebean5 View Post
    A couple thoughts...does she have reflux? When you are bringing her to breast, make sure your hand isn't pushing on the back of her head - you want to make your hand into a "C" and place your hand at the base of her head/top of her neck to support it, but not push it. Babies have a reflux to push their heads back when it's pushed forward.

    Are you doing skin-to-skin with them? Because that can really help with breastfeeding.

    I'm sure it's frustrating that you've been working so hard and don't see as much progress as you'd like after 5 weeks. But, you're babies are still very young, so this will likely just take more time and practice. Many full-term babies don't get the hang of breastfeeding at first. How are your babies fed - ng tube or bottle? Maybe try some breast compressions when they do latch...and express some milk onto the nipple shield when you try to get them to latch.

    While your babies were born earlier than my son, I thought I'd share a little of our experience to hopefully encourage you. My son was born at 29.6 wks and spent 53 days in the NICU. During that time he had only 1 full feeding at the breast, and not many more times of just latching on. He came home on a Haberman bottle and it took us 2 months to switch to breastfeeding and drop all the bottles. When I was going through it, it seemed like an eternity and like we'd never get there. And I was an experienced breastfeeding mom prior to having him - my daughter was 25 months when he was born and was still nursing. But, with persistence and lots of support, we did get there, and he's not 28 months and still nursing 3 times a day. And he's doing amazing...I whole-heartedly believe he's doing as well as he is because of breastmilk and breastfeeding.

    So keep on keepin' on. You and your girls can do this. Again I recommend getting some hands-on lactation help. Because really that can make a big difference.
    I have been unbuttoning their pjs and placing their belly to my belly best I can. It always seems like my breasts get in the way of that though... So I got their face on one breast and their legs on the other... not much skin to skin, lol. Other than that I haven't been doing much skin to skin. I used to when they were smaller and I wasn't working. I currently start work at 9am. Get off at 6... NICU closes 6:30-8pm.

    Now by the time I get there it's 8pm, and Josa eats at 8, so I have to get diaper/temp done if nurse hasn't done it yet, then attempt breast for 10-15 min, and then attempt bottle. Next is Kaitlyn who eats at 8:30 pm, do temp/diaper (to help wake her up), by the time we start the breast it's about 9pm, so already 30 min late for her, and then try the bottle. By the time I'm done it's 10pm, I have to get home, do dinner, and go to bed and start all over.

    I've run out of time for quality time with them. I certainly hate that it seems our visits have turned into strictly business. I'm scared they won't even know who I am by the time I get them home. They probably think I am just another nurse, lol.

    Lactation says my #1 issue is that I can't be there when they are exhibiting feeding cues, or when they are awake enough to try. But, unfortunately that can't be helped.

    They are currently allowed to try bottle 3 times a day but are mostly being fed via ng tube because they typically don't take much from the bottle.

    Now the Dr is saying that they are going to feed them bottle only when they exhibit alertness/feeding cues.

    I guess I can just keep going the way we're going. Thanks for the answers.

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    About the not knowing who you are, that was my biggest fear. How could they know? So many people are handling them. Which is why stopped wearing anything that smelled. So my baby could smell me.

    I'm so sorry. I hope you get to take them home soon.
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    even if the latching on does not happen quite yet, when you have them home you will have the time to spend cuddling and just letting them taste you skin. sometimes it is easier to get your babies to latch on if they have already eaten, so that they are not distracted by hunger. you are doing great and you can ask to use the pump while in the hospital visiting them. holding them near and feeding them your pumped milk is a gift of love only you can provide.
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    Just a quick update....

    I had a really good day for the last 2 days with the girls on our attempts. The positioning is still super difficult and my neck and back hurt but they were able to latch with the shield and did well for about 20 minutes each.... It certainly makes the pain worth it.

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