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Thread: poor production vs. cluster feeding??

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    Default poor production vs. cluster feeding??

    Me and my millions of questions...

    Ashelyn has been crying a lot the past two days. Night time especially. Last night, between 7 PM and 11 PM she was nursing each hour - both breasts. Finally after the 11 PM feeding, she went to sleep. Regular feedings (one breast per feeding) again until 2 PM today. After that, each feeding involved both breasts (avg 15 minutes per breast). Now, tonight, she is wanting to feed often again - more often than every two hours.

    I am wondering if this should be considered cluster feeding or if maybe I am not producing as much milk as I was previously, therefore she is still hungry after feeding?? I hear her swallowing when she's feeding, her diapers are definitely on track. Her weight gain is great. This is just in the past few days. She is falling asleep each time she feeds. But with the more frequent feedings, she wakes up shortly after she unlatches so then I end up putting her to the other breast. Also - I am not leaking at all inbetween feedings or during her feedings. Is this okay as far as supply is concerned?

    I am so paranoid about my milk production because of the problems I had with DD #1 that every time something like this happens, I freak out and think my milk is barely coming out.

    I bought Fenugreek today but will not start it until tomorrow. I wonder if this stuff really does anything??

    I hope I am just being overly concerned about the milk production and she is actually just cluster feeding. She will be three weeks tomorrow - isn't this time for a growth spurt??
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    Default Re: poor production vs. cluster feeding??

    Frequent feedings during a certain portion of the day (usually evenings) are typical "cluster feeds." That can be normal young infant behavior at any stage.

    And yes, three weeks is definitely a common time for a growth spurt. Babies vary, of course, but don't be surprised or worried if she wants to nurse almost non-stop for 12 to 24 hours. As long as her diapers are keeping up and you aren't supplementing, your milk supply is fine, so have faith in your body and your baby's cues and just go with the flow. Sounds like you are doing a great job!


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