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Thread: Growth has plateaued?

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    I agree with the PPs. My DD didn't gain much of anything between 9 and 18 months. Her growth curve changed at that point, but it has stayed consistent since. The ped seemed overly worried about it at first, but i started tracking her weight on a WHO growth chart and she seemed normal. Now we just accept that she's petite but healthy and smart.

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    I wouldn't worry just yet, our dr said it was fine till it had been about 8 mths with no growth and her height/head measurements were dropping off. My girl has issues with eating though so there was a more obvious problem here. Might want to check out reflux symptoms with the gagging and spitting. Maybe some reflux meds might help. Also try some fatty greek yogurt, that has helped us with getting some weight on this girl. HTH!
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