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Thread: Always nurses to sleep

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    Another thing to try is to nurse until she is sleepy but not asleep. Then you can gently unlatch her and hold her until she falls asleep, slowly she will get used to sleeping without the boob and falling asleep on her own
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    I'm still nursing my 3.5 YO to sleep, and it's great! She looks forward to sleep! she ASKS to go to bed when she's tired instead of fighting sleep and begging to stay up like so many kids do. It's just a part of our bed time routine just the same as reading books and brushing teeth. It's not a burden, and I don't see anything wrong with it. It's just what we do. And with what the PPs said: The bedtime and wake up feeds are the last to go. These are pretty much the only times DD nurses these days.

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    I have to say, I can't really give a lot of advise on this one. My DD stopped napping when we stopped nursing (and when I stopped pumping and dad didn't have bottles). We nursed at bedtime until she was 2+. The way I started getting her to sleep w/o nursing was reading to her. First we'd read and snuggle untill she fell asleep. After a while (a long while) we'd read for a while, then she'd look at books untill she fell asleep. But this was a lot older than your LO is.
    I'd say that if you're not set on weaning, let the nap/bedtime nursing session be the last to go. And then, maybe snuggles and reading a quiet book would do the trick?

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