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Thread: DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

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    Default DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

    Hi there, visited with my MD yesterday and he wants me to follow his elimination diet in combination with UltraClear for a week to try and detect any food allergies I might have. --I've been having digestion issues and my ds is not affected by my diet as I am--

    In any case, I emailed him to confirm that the UltraClear is safe to drink while nursing but am waiting to hear back. I also contacted Metagenics and no response. I'm having a hard time finding anything on this stuff and effects on nursing.

    Has anyone had any experience with this UltraClear while nursing, or even detox in general? I'm not going any days without any food -he tweaked the diet for me and he didn't mention any danger with UltraClear, but I forgot to ask specifically in his office. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    Default Re: DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

    I don't know what that stuff is. I would contact infantrisk.com.

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    Default Re: DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

    I too have been interested in doing a detox -- I'm a big believer in cleansing our bodies every so often. But I haven't done one since being pregnant or BFing. Not specific to what your doctor has suggested for you, but all the reading I have done indicates that detox while BFing is dangerous to the baby. If it's cleaning your body out, there's always a chance strong toxins are being released into your bloodstream thus, it's consumed during nursing.

    Sorry, no specific advice -- just a head's up Good luck though!
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    Default Re: DETOX diet while nursing 18 month old?

    I don't have any experience with Ultra Clear. You would need to know all the ingredients. I have done some prediet clenses. One I bought from GNC you just drank this drink and ate fruits and vegetables for 2 days. Another I have done a couple of times and is by herbal life. You drink a protein drink mix the first day 2 gallons of it, and the second day you eat 5 of their shakes, the third day you eat 2 shakes and a meal. They each time they helped me drop a couple of pounds and stop craving carbs and sugar. I didn't notice a drop in my milk supply but my son is 33 months and it didn't seem to have any effect on him. I know the situations are pretty different. I just checked the ingredients and made sure there wasn't something that would be harmful.
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