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Thread: Am i feeding too little solids?

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    Question Am i feeding too little solids?

    My 10 month old nurses around every two hours, sometimes he takes more, sometimes less. He has breakfast around 930am and either a lunch (330pm) or dinner (730pm) and he eats all kinds of food. We've found he is a bottomless pit and will never turn down food! Is feeding him twice a day, plus nursing around every two hours too little? I've heard other moms give solid snacks but i dont want to encourage overeating as a habit. I dont know how much he weighs yet (our next appt is next week) but i'm thinking around 20lbs, he isnt skinny by any means
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    I don't know if you're feeding too little, does he seem happy with the solids you give him? Does he get cranky if he sees you eating and you don't share? If my LO is hungry for solids she just hangs around the kitchen kind of cranky, wanting a taste of something. I'm guessing you mean snacking in terms of overeating if snacks are continously available?

    What we do: I give LO options at breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Its up to her if she goes for it. She also breastfeeds every 2-3 hours so I am not replacing bm with food (I don't think she would stand for it anyway!) Sometimes she has a morning snack too if opted out of eating alot at breakfast. I think a small afternoon snack is ok, especially if he gets cranky waiting for dinner--my LO does, she'll have bm at 3 and 5, with a small snack in between and is still very impatient for her solids dinner most of the time.
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    I would think that as long as you are offering a wide variety of healthy foods, then overeating and setting up bad habits would not be a problem. Snack time is the hardest time to eat healthily, so make sure you have some fruits, veggies, rice snacks, etc, around so you're not reaching for the junk we grownups tend to snack on.

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    Default Re: Am i feeding too little solids?

    I think so long as the poops and pees are looking normal you probably have nothing to worry about.

    By the way, my LO is only four months and 19 lbs but doesn't look like a baby sumo wrestler - he's just really long - 27.5 inches! And that's on breastmilk alone.

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    My little guy was 25+ lbs at 9 months and up until that point had only been getting one "solid" meal a day if he even ate any of it. We introduced breakfast at 9 month and he didn't start eating lunch until aroun a year. So basically (after all that rambling) No I don't think you are feeding too little solids especially if you are still nursing when your son wants to.

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