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Thread: BLS - excited!!

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    Just wanted to share that I finally got my hands on the Gill Rapley book and it makes so much sense to me!! I sort of understood why people did it before, but now I really get it. I'm sort of disappointed I didn't read it sooner - I didn't realize it would have advice about letting baby make a mess, not helping them too much, etc.

    That being said, DS is 7 months and I am so excited to start! He never had much interest in being spoon-fed anyway... he would accept maybe one spoonful of food once every day or two. I always ended up just letting him hold the spoon and suck on it...I am so bummed that I am STILL waiting on the referral to the pedi allergist - hopefully we can get in next week. DS has already shown signs of allergy/sensitivity to latex, banana & avocado and there are a bunch of other foods in the food category, so I want to err on the side of caution before I start giving him everything that I eat...

    Today I gave him a whole apple & cucumber strips & let him pick up lettuce & a pineapple off my plate at a restaurant. I'd been sort of toying with the apple before, but this time I just let him have it! It was so much fun watching him...and just as nerve-racking as I watched him gag & vomit when he tried to swallow a piece of it too quickly. This happened twice today, but I'm doing my best to not interfere. (the elderly ladies at the next table thought I was being a horrible mommy....

    But anyway...not looking for any advice or anything really....just wanted to share that I am really excited about starting this and can't get to the allergist fast enough!!
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    I've read the book too. It really does make it seem like taking the BLS route is a no-brainer, doesn't it? I'm glad you're excited about this next step in your LO's life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jennygal View Post
    (the elderly ladies at the next table thought I was being a horrible mommy....
    Yeah, I haven't really figured out how to do the restaurant thing, myself. We have definitely not progressed to "neatness," she still gags, throws, smears, drops, etc, etc..., the highchairs are never very good, I always skeptical about the cleanliness of the table (and she just drops dishes on the floor.) Oh, my. (Oh, and Lizzie's been working on her banshee cry, too.) We try to go out earlier than the rush these days. So let me know if you come up with any good restaurant tips.

    Congrats on the new motivation. I hope your little guy's potential allergies don't turn out to be a problem and that everything is smooth sailing for you.

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