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Thread: Oral Aversion??

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firefly View Post
    Suggesting that your baby has a texture aversion and might need evaluation for autism spectrum disorders because he isn't ready for food at 7 months seems like crazy town to me.
    right? I think the issue is more with your doctor than with your child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*norasmommy View Post
    right? I think the issue is more with your doctor than with your child.
    Sounds like he might be MAYOR of Crazytown.

    If your baby is still resisting textures and solids at like, I dunno, 18 months, then maybe we can talk.

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    You gals are the best! I feel way better about the whole thing! Now what to do with my bruised nipples.....? All this pumping/nursing and keeping up with a 21 lb 7-month old baby is just nuts!
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    Yowch! I've been there before, NO FUN
    I would work on your latch, first of all. Do you have a more experienced nursing Mum, or a LLL or a lactation consultant nearby that could chck if you have the latch right/help position baby? Another thing that really helps me is to apply nipple cream BEFORE pumping. Good luck, I hope it gets better ASAP! x
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    Sending a 7 month old who isn't into solids yet for evaluation seems crazy to me. My first DD would have nothing to do with food until she was at least 8 months old, and would also have nothing to do with sippys or bottles. After she really got into food at about 10 months there was not stopping her!

    Second DD actually *did* have oral aversion issues, but that was a different issue. (Premature tube fed baby - from the time she was able to start wanted nothing to do with boobs, finger feeding, bottles, cups, syringes...) I pretty much had to force feed her for every single feed. Starting solids with her was a real nightmare and it's still difficult to get her to eat certain things.

    Just describing the differences between my two girls so you can see that what you're dealing with sounds totally normal!
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