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    Question I GO BACK TO WORK JULY 18TH...

    My first current baby is still soley breastfeeding for milk...(have not pumped for milk, and no formula!) She has started on solids, and she is coming up on being 8 months old.
    I PLAN on keeping her on breastmilk until she's a year old before she switches to Vit. D "Cow's milk"...
    She will be just shy over 9 months old, and I will only have 3 months left to worry about HOW I'm going to juggle breastfeeding with pumping also.
    My question is how many times may I have to pump with her eating solids (puree'd baby food right now) and when is the best time to breastfeed?

    Her FIRST breastfeeding is usually around 6am....I'd say I pick her up from her crib and co-nap with her while she's feeding, and double-breast her....she gets milk from one for about an hour, and then milk from the other one for about another hour...so she's been breastfeeding for about 2 hours after 6am, because then she starts "playing" by giggling, goo-gooing and gaa-gaa'ing around 9am. Usually around 11am is when she gets her first serving of solid....with some more breastfeeding...then she's asleep for her nap around 1pm.
    She wakes up around 2 or 230'ish... then she is served another solid and then breastfed after eating around 3.
    (she won't take 2nd naps of the day usually unless she's really tired)
    Then she's fed and breastfed again around 5pm.....
    and when 8pm rolls around, she usually gets a final solid babyfood feeding and then is breastfed for bedtime between 9pm-915pm... I try no later than by 930pm.

    When I return to work on July 18th,
    I will be waking up very early, and out the door by 415am and probably won't be home until around 6-7pm.

    About how many times should I pump a day?
    When should I start pumping?
    When is the best time to breastfeed her? Morning before I leave or when I get home?
    I have a feeling that she may only be able to breastfeed off of me once a day except for the 2 days a week during my days off....

    I know I read somewhere that pumping is best in the morning.... let her sleep and pump in the morning and let the SAHD feed her when she cries around 6am?

    Decisions Decisions Decisions!

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    Why can't you nurse her overnight? And both at bedtime and before you leave in the morning?

    I would aim to pump every three hours, if you can. And leave an ounce per hour while you are gone.

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    Default Re: I GO BACK TO WORK JULY 18TH...

    Well she's almost 8 months and she doesn't breastfeed every 3 hours?

    What's meant by feeding "overnight"?

    I plan on breastfeeding her when it's night-night time for her to go to bed for the night...it's just when do I pump?

    I also work out in the field doing investigations, etc, and is not practical for me to be pumping in a gov't vehicle that people always walk up to so they can ask their trivial questions.........

    I leave around 415am, I'm on a train to go to work and I arrive at work around 710am and get into uniform to usually start 730am shift......

    I leave work to walk to the station to take the train home around 4pm, sometimes it may be not until 430pm which can make an hour difference in what time I get home which usually is around 6pm, but can be as late as 7pm.........

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    Default Re: I GO BACK TO WORK JULY 18TH...

    Also gotta remember that she's eating baby food, too. (HOMEMADE, OF COURSE!)

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    Default Re: I GO BACK TO WORK JULY 18TH...

    Based on your wake-up time and your commute time, I would suggest that the following would be convenient for you:

    4 am-ish: Pump or BF baby (Whichever works best for you-- there would be pros and cons to both of these... if your baby will go back to sleep easily, maybe BF one side, then pump the other? Whatever works best for you and your husband re. the sleeping arrangements.

    7 am-ish Pump before you change into your uniform. After that, I suggest approx. every 3 hours. In my opinion, you need to figure out what will keep your supply and "stash" quantity sufficient. In my experience, you want to try and "replace" what the baby is drinking while you are away (ie. if she had 3-4oz bottles, you need to pump 12 oz). This can be difficult, thought, so don't get discouraged!

    Since you're going back in just over a month, I would start pumping now. Mornings are a good place to start-- or, perhapds you start getting up @ 4 am, pump and go back to sleep? If you did this everyday until 7/18 you'd have a good freezer stash I'd imagine.

    I work in the office 3 days a week, and my 9 month old attends daycare from 8 am - 6 pm. I BF her when we wake up, then pump twice at work. (Twice isn't ideal, 3 times would be better, but I do what I can in between meetings, etc.). At the daycare, they give her homemade solid foods for breakfast, lunch and snack. Along with each "meal" she drinks one 5-6 ounce bottle of pumped breastmilk, for a total of 2 - 3 bottles per day.

    I won't lie, it's getting hard to keep up w/ the pumping quantitiy I need at this point-- I was able to take advantage of a huge "freezer stash" that I had pumped while I was home from Sept. - December (I had about 100 oz. in the freezer back in January, and now I have just one 5-oz bag!). Right now, I am working w/ my lactation consultant to increase my pumping yield w/ Fenugreek and frequent pumping after breastfeedings.

    Good luck!

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