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Thread: Suspect Thrush and totally demoralized!

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    I have had thrush with both newborns. Not fun.

    With the first we used Nystatin. It took a while, but it did clear up.

    With the second we used GSE (capsule form for me and drops in distilled water) and Gentian Violet. I also put probiotic powder on my finger and let baby suck it.

    Both of those helped. Gentian violet is super messy, and I was so traumatized the first time that I turned my baby totally purple. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you're having recurrent cases (which we did have).

    Turn your hot water heater up past 125. That will kill yeast on whatever you wash with hot water. Just be careful at your sinks.
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    We had thrush when DD was about 3 months. I tried topicals (antifungal cream then gentian violet, grapeseed extract and probiotics) DD was on nystatin then diflucan. But it did not get better until we were both on diflucan. I had a severe case though with shooting deep pain in my breasts which apparently means it is in the ducts. If you don't have that then you can probably try the topicals, if you get the deep pain I would not mess around with it and would get on some diflucan right away, but that is just from my experience. I do believe there is a resource page on thrush on the llli.org website. Oh and be careful with the GSE extract if you use it, it burned the skin off my nipples and made everything much worse!

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    Thanks for the advice everyone! It's been two weeks and it's cleared up on dd but it's in my ducts for sure now! This kind of pain is not fun! I am trying to get diflucan, but can't seem to find anyone to prescribe it to me! I emailed a lactation consultant today so hopefully that will work!

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    I got mine from my OB. He consulted with the LC(same office) and gave me a script. I didn't even have to see him. I don't remember the dosage, but it was a 10 day supply. Good luck mama! Thrush is no joke and hurts like a mother.
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