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Thread: Growth seems very, very slow

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    Default Growth seems very, very slow

    Basically, Lillian seems to have stopped growing. She was putting on a lot of weight and rapidly increasing her length until four months, when it seemed to come to a fairly quick stop.

    Here's a nutshell of her stats:

    Birth: 19.5", 7lbs 10oz
    2 mos: 22.5", 10lbs 5oz
    4 mos: 25.5", 14lbs, 6oz
    6 mos: 25.75", 15lbs, 13oz
    8 mos: 26", 16lbs, 13oz

    I know it's normal for breastfed babies to coast down in the percentiles, but I'm a little unnerved by how rapidly she grew in the beginning versus how slowly she's growing now. I mean, she gained about 7lbs and 6 inches during her first four months, but only 2.5lbs and 1/2 inch during her second. Her head circumference seems to be following its curve, thank goodness.

    She nurses every couple of hours or so and has continued to have plenty of wet diapers (7ish), although she had more when she was growing more quickly (10ish). She's only just now getting the hang of eating, but she's not usually interested in more than a few bites of food a day. Outwardly, she seems totally healthy: bright eyes, chubby cheeks and legs, vocal and interactive, etc. She doesn't crawl or use much in the way of consonants, but she's met all her other milestones on time.

    Neither her father nor I are very big people. I'm on the small side of average, and he's only a slightly bigger person than me.

    I'd like to know what you ladies think. I'm a little anxious over it, and I'm starting wonder if there's a showdown over supplementation/food in store at her 9 month check up in a couple of weeks.
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    Default Re: Growth seems very, very slow

    Looks perfect to me. I was a little bit worried about DS2 because he was 8.2 at birth, then about 20lbs at 6 months and now at 19 months he is 24.8. I have talked to his pediatrician and his Pediatric GI about it and they both said he's fine even though he's dropped from 97th to 30th on his weight. Our ped said that some kids don't settle into their curve until 2. And DS2 is starting to shape up a little like DS1, who is tall and skinny.

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