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Thread: my baby does not want to feed when out???

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    Default my baby does not want to feed when out???

    My 5 mth old baby does not want to feed when out, no matter how long i am out for he just get misrable and will only feed when i get home. we are going away tomorrow so will be out allot what should I do????

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    Default Re: my baby does not want to feed when out???

    Am I correct in that your problem is the baby doesn't want to nurse while out in public with you (not that baby doesn't want a bottle while you are away and baby is at home)? If so, my son was similar at that age. He would nurse some while out, but not nearly as much as when we were home. It was very frustrating! Have you tried nursing in a sling? That might help to calm him and block out some of the distraction. You could also try taking him into a quiet, separate room if possible (i.e. dressing room at a store, car if you have one while away, etc.). Some babies will nurse better with a light blanket over them to block out distraction (mine hated this but for others it works). My son was more likely to nurse if I put him to the breast just as he was waking from a nap. As long as you don't see a drastic reduction in diaper output, try not to worry too much. Baby will probably make up for what he misses once you get back home in the evening and there is less distraction. Take along a couple extra diapers when you are out so you can duck into the bathroom and hand express a bit into one in case you get overly full.

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    Default Re: my baby does not want to feed when out???

    My DD does this some. At home she may want to nurse every hour or two, but when we are out, she will go much longer. She has gone 4 hours or more before. I also use a nursing wrap/poncho. It's much easier and more freeing than a blanket. It keeps her focused on what she's under there for. If I didn't use it, she wouldn't nurse at all.

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