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Thread: Increasing supply on one side?

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    I am on week 5 of nursing my newborn daughter (this the farthest I have ever gotten nursing - I am so proud of myself!!). She had a tongue tie that was just clipped on Friday - that being said, my right side was mangled from her improper latch, so for a full 24 hours I just pumped on that side. Well, my supply took a nosedive on that side. I was only one-sided nursing because I have a history of OAL and oversupply issues. This was working wonderfully - no engorgement or cranky baby from too much foremilk. But whenever it is time to nurse from the "bad" side, I always have to switch her to the "good side" after the first breast is out of milk. I would like to increase the supply again on that side. I pump 1x a day so hubby can feed her one bottle a day (I go back to work on weekends in 3 weeks). I always get an ounce or 2 more on the good side. Any suggestions are appreciated! So glad I found this site!!
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    This link covers how to even out a case of lopsidedness: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/lopsided.html Basically, you increase stimulation to the underachieving breast, either by pumping or nursing, and that breast will respond by increasing production.

    Congratulations on making it to 5 weeks! If you've made it this far, there is probably a long, wonderful nursing journey still ahead of you.

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