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Thread: 7 weeks old and sleeping through the night

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    I have a 7 week old nursing baby who slept through the night last night. He slept from 9:30 pm to about 5:30 am. He typically sleeps 3-5 hours at night, even while co-sleeping. This does not seem normal to me. My first baby did not sleep through the night until 3 months. Is this normal in anyone elses experience or should I be concerned that something is going on? I would appreciate any and all insight! Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day :-)

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    I wouldn't worry about it, but I also wouldn't get used to it. My second child would sleep 6-7 hour stretches right off the bat, but it didn't last. It was a big difference from my first child who would barely go 2 hours without waking. They are all different and will have different habits. I didn't worry about my son sleeping long stretches because he would nurse for ages when he woke up so I figured he wasn't missing out on calories. Just keep an eye on the # of wet diapers you are getting (5-6 per day means he's eating enough) and count yourself lucky for the moment.
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