we are at our wit's end here and hoping for some insight... My son will be 3 next week and just recently weaned himself after a very bad cold. He was only nursing for a few minutes before bed and stopped when he couldn't breathe. Even though he got better after about a week, he hasn't asked to nurse since. This would be great, because I think he was ready and I certainly was. The only problem is that he has had extreme separation anxiety since this all happened a few weeks ago--he cries like crazy when the babysitter comes, he needs me and his dad to go to sleep at night, and he even gets a bit upset when one of us is going to the store really quick.

I work at home and need a sitter a few mornings a week to keep my work from getting behind. We've had the same sitter come for about a year now and he loves her, so I'm a bit surprised that all of a sudden he's not okay with her all of a sudden--he even said 'I miss Jennifer!' when he was sick and she wasn't coming. He is fine with family but keeps making sure the entire time they are here that they aren't leaving yet.

Has anyone ever seen this? Is this a normal 3 year old thing? Think it has something to do with weaning? It is kind of driving me up a wall. I hate walking away from him when he's so upset, but I've tried staying near him with my computer while I work and he just wants me to hold him. So I've had to just let my sitter deal with it because I have to work. We've tried giving him extra cuddles and more time but it never seems to be enough, he still freaks every time I mention our sitter coming over. If anyone has ever had this happen, how long did it last? Thanks!!